Water World Family Park

Details and Specification of Water Park:

the Shape of the water pool indicates the name of the pool, the dept of the pool has been maintained as per the international standard which ensures the safety and comforts of the slider user.

A separated area has been devloped for kids, and names ads children water jungle. for the person loves quietness, a lazy pool known as kidney pool has been setup. Apart of the above water activities, The management has put up centrally air condition cafeteria to carter the need of the honorable families, where they can have foods with comforts along with that there is a food area which will be providing other short eats, fast food of standard quality and hygienic condition.

A sitting area of about 7 acres with canopies/shades have also veen set up with sample space for comfortable movement and children play area, and skating area, artificial waterfalls, and pet zone, To facilitate the other recreation activities such as dj services, Birthday / Wedding / Fashion shoes and Musical concerts) beautiful lawn and Artificial lake, awaits you all with your families


The design and work on this park has been done by the renounced consultant and the theme was adopted from the different water parks operating in the world.

Food court

Food court is also planned to give the snacks, short eats and other fast foods, including chats, samosas, etc for your taste, in hygienic condition, and at very affordable prices.


For children the a separate pool with the lot of water activities have been provided. which will exhaust the children withing that area, which also supports the sitting area for the parents of the children playing in the water jungle.

The Management has provided 4 types of slides and are named as follows:

L POOL Free Fast Slide

Jumbo Fall (2 Free Fall Slides + 2 Tunnel Slides)

Giant Slide 4 lane and Semi Giant 2 Lane

Spirals Slide of Ladies + Ladies pool